Thursday, August 02, 2012

more free mysteries to download for your Kindle

One of the things I love most about my Kindle Fire is that there's always something to read.

Honestly, even without the Kindle, I'd have plenty to read. I spent my teen years working at a used bookstore. It's where I met my husband when I was sixteen. I got a great discount, and I got to take home books that were too damaged to sell, or that we had too many copies of. And then there were the book sales where romances were a dime a piece. Even after getting rid of more SUV loads of old paperbacks than I'm ever going to admit, I've still got boxes and boxes of unread books in the attic.

But there's something satisfying about picking out new ones. And the zombie apocalypse might start, or I might hurt my knee or wind up on bed rest without Internet access and suddenly find myself reading through all of those paperbacks....
and I don't think there are many cozy mysteries up in the attic....

Do I really need to justify downloading free books anyway?

There are a lot of free mysteries available today that I hadn't seen before. Now what I need is some time to actually curl up and read them!

Note -- All of these titles were listed as free when I wrote this post. The prices on Amazon change quickly, so please double-check the prices before you order them. You can find Amazon's current top 100 free mysteries here.

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