Tuesday, July 31, 2012

wfmw -- Is it just me?

This morning, I needed to send a quick email before we took off for the rest of our day. The homepage for my email provider gave me a pop up screen saying that I needed to click on their new terms of service. I was in a hurry and knew I'd have to agree with them anyway if I wanted to get the message I was waiting for, so I clicked....

It wouldn't let me into my email. It wouldn't let me see the new terms of service. I started to worry.

Ever have one of those moments when really need to get to a website and it won't load and you can't tell if the site is down or something is horribly wrong with your computer?

Go to Down for Everyone or Just Me and type in the site you're looking for and they'll let you know if it's you or if the site is having problems. I wish I'd known about this a long time ago, especially those times when my husband and kids couldn't get to the sites they wanted and expected me to know how to fix it!

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