Wednesday, July 25, 2012

sewing again -- finally!

I hope the bees are enjoying whatever's blooming outside, because it's turning my head into a stuffy mess. Maybe I'm just getting a cold, but it makes me feel better to think that the bugs are having some fun.

I could go out and see if they're coming back to the hives with sacks full of pollen, but I'm not quite that enthusiastic.

All of my enthusiasm is tied up in a new quilt. I'm finally sewing again, working on a project I can't show you quite yet.

Those little strips finish at 3/4". They're not strings. I feel like I have to emphasize that so I get credit for all of my careful measuring!


Needled Mom said...

Credit given!!! They are wonderful.

beaquilter said...

careful measuring AND sewing! :-) and such a TEASER.....
looks great from what LITTLE bit we can see.


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