Saturday, July 21, 2012

thread storage

Karen at Sew Many Ways is hosting a Thread Organization Linky Party.

I've tried all sorts of ideas for keeping my thread organized. I've got a couple of those hanging racks with the wooden pegs, but I'm a klutz and knock into them and my thread goes flying and I say words my kids shouldn't repeat.

I've used the drawer from a dismantled treadle machine, which worked well, but didn't hold many spools of thread. These days it lives beside my Janome and holds a couple of spools, along with my scissors and seam rippers and the other little gadgets I need every time I sew.

For about a year now, I've been keeping my thread in this box, which originally held a gift set of perfume and lotion.

I liked the perfume - a lot - but I think I might be more excited about the box. It's the perfect dimensions to fill with spools of my favorite thread. I would love to get my hands on another one of these!

Until that happens, I've found a plastic project box that sort of works. It's functional, but it's not as pretty. And it lacks the whole "it was a romantic gift from my husband" aspect that the perfume box has. I keep hoping that hubby will buy me more perfume that comes in a box, and that the box will be the right size.

I've also got the instant thread stash, which isn't for sewing with. It just sits there and looks pretty until I come up with the perfect way to use those wooden spools it's on.

What about you? Do you buy just as much thread as you can use? Or stock up when it's on sale? Or buy pretty colors just because looking at them makes you happy and you know you'll use them someday?


Allie said...

Thread storage is the bane of my existence, your perfume box. If I find a good sale, I'll buy all the thread I can. My local quilt shop had a .50/spool for hand quilting thread, they were all in a big basket, and I took the whole basket to the counter, lol.

Quilty Conscience said...

I don't buy thread without a purpose.....Except today...I went to the store to buy more of a particular color of embroidery thread and the round/rack it was on was so gorgeous that I bought other colors too!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great storage ideas! I tend to buy thread when it is on sale......and fabric.....and books....

Timestep said...

My cat will eat any thread she can get her hands on. This has already increased my thread bill by $1,000 as we had to pay the vet to extract thread.

Therefore, I have no pretty way to store thread. It must be closed up tight.

I have a huge stash of threads my grandmother gave me - but they are thrown in a sewing box and I am not sure they are really useful as they are probably 30-40 years old. (do they have any life left?)

So, I only buy what I need and am looking for a solution that is practically but not accessible.

Vic in NH said...

I buy boring-only-what-I-need thread but I envy you your rainbow of colors!

Quilter Kathy said...

What great storage ideas! I am reflecting on the emotional connection to the storage container...interesting thread to think about!

Jodi B. said...

I love your "storage with a story". Is that yummy wool thread? I looks like spools of Genziana.


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