Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's been a busy few days

We've been at the coast with my parents, enjoying their timeshare. We spent hours and hours in the pool. There were seals to watch on the rocks below the balcony, and pelicans that flew by in a line several times a day, and the bald eagle that kept trying to snatch seabirds from the rock next to the seals. And, because that wasn't quite enough, we went to the aquarium and hiked out to see the really big dock that was washed here by the Japanese Tsunami.

Now we're home and I've got a ton to do. Because when I post here that I'm not getting anything done, I just mean that I'm not quilting or knitting. I am doing laundry and dishes and cooking and taking care of four kids...and revealing my house's quirky secrets.

Like that linoleum I earthed right before we left. I'm blown away by the response to that post. Would you believe that one of my readers even offered to buy it from me?

Before I finished unpacking, I thought I'd share a picture of our "luggage." In our fifteen-plus years of travelling by car with kids we've gone through a whole series of duffle bags and back packs and just about every other thing I can come up with to shove clothes into. The bigger the kids get, the more I've got to pack.

Here's my current favorite strategy --

The plastic tubs hold a ton and fit easily into the back of the minivan. Works for me!


Denise :) said...

I say it's good strategy. They stack and are uniform in shape and size and make packing up a lot easier! Sounds like you had a good time...now you can get back to enjoying the mundane things like laundry and housekeeping and cooking and all the little joys of life! :)

Margaret said...

When we were kids my parents would take us camping. We were each given an empyt beer bottle case (solid cardboard box with hand holds) and we could only take what we could fit in that box. It worked for us, all 7 kids and my parents. My own kids got bigger totes buy they were still totes rather than duffles or suitcases. They are just easier to pack and stack in the car.

Lori said...

Got to love the plastic totes. Before they became popular, I would use laundry baskets.

Anonymous said...

what coast were you on? You wrote:

There were seals to watch on the rocks below the balcony, and penguins that flew by in a line several times a day,

I didn't think penguins could fly...


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