Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I keep wondering about these mythical people who don't knit during the summer.  The owner of the LYS down the street talks about them every year, promising she'll get new inventory as soon as the weather cools down and people start knitting again.

Do these people really exist? How could anyone stop knitting for an entire season? I just realized how much guilt free knitting time I can gain while the weather's nice.  The kids need to get outside to play, and they have to be supervised while they're out there. The park has lots of good stuff to play on -- and benches where I can sit and knit -- if it's not too hot to move.  Running around with the kids would be better for all of us, but since that's not an option for me this summer, I'll use the time to knit.

Of course the house isn't spotless -- I was at the park all day, making sure the kids got plenty of exercise! :-)




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