Friday, May 24, 2019

{Let's Make Baby Quilts!} 5/24/19

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

{Thrift Shop Temptations} All the Needlework at the Habitat for Humanity Restore

The Habitat for Humanity Restores close to our house are mostly building supplies and appliances, but we've found some interesting things in other cities. These two stores were full of needlework. 

Needlepoint soldiers from the Revolutionary War...

Have you ever seen a barefoot Santa on the beach, cross-stitched or not?

That piece on the left is a fairly convincing photo copy of a cross stitched piece. It's effective and if you hung it on your wall no one but another stitcher would notice..but that's definitely cheating, right?

I love the bright colors on that floral piece.

I didn't get pictures of the sewing machines, because this is a picture heavy post and we all know what treadle Singers look like, but I did take several of the dollhouse with the haunted vibe.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

{Stitch Maynia} The Decisions Are Getting Harder

With about ten days left, I'm starting to look at my Stitch Maynia plans more carefully. I might be able to start ten more projects, if life cooperates. So which ten? 

These are all possibilities...

There are others that I can't lay my hands on right now. One would be at the absolute top of the list if I hadn't put the required threads in a safe place. Others have jumped to mind but I haven't seen them in months if not years and don't remember which magazine it might have been in or where that single sheet printout got tucked.

Once May is over, the plan is to focus on something else in June and make (hopefully) steady progress on the things I'm already stitching.

So even though it's all in my head I've got a definite feeling of "now or never" or "now or next year."

That still life with the cheese has to be one of my starts, right?

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

{I've Been Reading} The Chrysalis

I kept checking out The Chrysalis by Brendan Deneen and renewing it until I hit the limit and checking it out again. I couldn't seem to make time to read it, but the description sounded so good. A broke young couple buys a surprisingly affordable old house and the husband finds something in the basement that he rapidly becomes obsessed with. Oh, and they find out that they're living in the local murder house which explains that dark stain on the kitchen floor.

Books with scary old houses in them are one of my favorite things and The chrysalis was okay. Except for references to phones with flashlights and some other things that are definitely recent, it felt a lot like the horror novels I was reading back in the 80s.

I picked up An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good for the cover. How could I not? A tiny book made up of very short stories, it was a fun read. Imagine an eighty-eight year old woman with no family or friends who is going to get exactly what she wants out of life. That's Maud. Now imagine what she might do to the people who dare mess with her. Maud isn't particularly nice, but she's very entertaining. I suspect I'd be even more entertained if I'd read the author's other books.

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