Wednesday, February 25, 2004

For a while now, I've been struggling to come up with a reasonable stash building strategy. For my knitting at least -- the cross stitching and needlepoint stuff has already spread far beyond the cute little dresser that was its first home, and I'm perfectly okay with that. But this brand new yarn addiction could very easily overwhelm me, my budget, and the space I've got to store it in!

I'm not a one project at a time kinda gal and never plan to be one. Having future projects lined up makes me happy. Having floss and fabric and yarn and whatever to sort through and plan with is even better. A week or so ago, I went through all last summer's garage sale finds and even the yarn I later regretted buying is telling me exactly what it wants to become. I can make an afghan (or a big sweater), and a bog jacket for the critter, and a mobius vest, and a Sigma Tank and a shapely tank, and baby socks....

I like knowing that whatever the future holds, I'll probably have yarn and floss and stuff to keep my hands busy. Unless the house burns down, and that's just NOT allowed to happen! :-P

I don't think I have anywhere near too much yarn, but if I keep buying it at the rate I'm wanting it, I'll hit that point quickly. The idea of Lint hugely appeals to me. I've promised myself that I won't even look at yarn sites until I've finished at least five projects -- to balance the six projects worth of yarn I'd just bought from Elann. I get to use the new yarn, or some of the yarn I already have, and they all have to be reasonably sized projects. Dishcloths don't count.

So far I've finished project #1 -- the child's vest from Knitting 20 simple & stylish wearables for beginners for Alex. I knit hers in the fakiest purple I've ever seen by Chunky USA. For once, my gauge was right exactly what it shoulda been and I didn't make any stupid mistakes following the pattern. It fits! The bottom, which I did in a band of garter stitch instead of the black and white checkerboard, rolls a lot, but Alex says she likes it the way it is and it actually fits her body. Unlike her brother's two awful purple sweaters.

Project #2 is a Super Quick Reversible One Skein Wool-Ease Scarf. I'm using a skein of TLC Essentials that I got the day after Thanksgiving because the color -- Falling Leaves -- called to me.

#3 is a shoulder shawl from Knit N Style, in Pines Woolease. I love the way this stuff is knitting up, but I'm scared to death that I'll lose my place and make a mess of it.

and #4 is a cute little red tank top in red Schoeller Stahl Cecil. The back is done and since the front is almost exactly the same, I know I can do the rest. It's just a question of whether or not the yarn will cooperate.

I think project #5 will be the Coronet Hat from Knitty But I keep changing my mind, so until I cast on the stitches, nothing is set in stone. And even then, false starts are easy to rip out. I think that's one of the things I like most about knitting! :-)

Friday, February 06, 2004

The needlework tote is done. Doesn't match the pattern, but it's as finished as it's going to get for now. I didn't have anywhere near the right number of stitches on the long sides (wonder if that's part of the reason I put it aside in the first place?) so I couldn't do the neat handle openings. And I wasn't about to rip the whole thing back down to the bottom to reuse $3 with of yarn I didn't like knitting with. It looks nice, but just about flayed my fingers. So I made a twisted cord strap out of some of the leftover yarn and I'm calling it done. Mostly because I promised myself I'd finish it before I ordered some yarn I want from and I didn't want to spend the time it'd take to knit a long strap.

I've got to get a camera so I can share pictures of some of my projects. The felted soap bar probably wouldn't be very photogenic, but I sure like using it. And now that I know it works, I'm going to use some of my pretty roving to make a nicer ones. Wonder how dh would react if I felted every soap bar in the house? :-)



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