Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Knitting in Isolation

Instead of sulking because I don't have internet access at home for now, I'm trying to see it as an experiment. What will I wind up working on without all of the knitting lists and pretty blogs to distract me?

So far, I've done another ten repeats on the boring Euroflax stole, cast on and done five repeats of Branching Out, and finished most of the foot portion of a sock for mysyelf in Knitpicks Dancing. And it's killing me that I can't post to Socknitters and ask if anyone else's yarn is striping perfectly within the pools. And I can't post a picture of my Branching Out progress to show the other KnittingParents.

And the library's computer doesn't like Blogger's Spell Check feature...And the guy sitting next to me keeps laughing because I'm trying to herd kids while I type...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I brought yarn!

I've got more yarn with me this time than I've ever brought along on a trip -- the Euroflax stole, the cape cod socks, the lace scarf, and the yarn and patterns for Kiri, the baby socks, and a skein of Knitpicks Dancing. Of course the kids haven't let me touch it much, but I've got a fairly decent start on a sock toe with the Dancing. We're not camping this time, so the whole knitting bag went into the back of the Durango after I'd cleared out the stuff that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Red Rock Knits is just as impressive as last year. They had the Silky Wool for Branching Out (which I promptly bought and added to my traveling stash) and lots of other yarns I haven't been able to find close to home OR online. Not the magazines I was looking for, though.

And the new Knitty is up! I only had time for a quick glance through the projects, but they're so much more appealing than the ones in the last issue. It's faded into a bit of a blur, but I know there were cables and lace and scarves and quite a few things I want to print up and add to my binders.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's time to pull the plugs and pack up the computer -- and hope like heck I'll remember how to hook the whole thing back up once we get there!

I don't expect to be updating the blog until the end of the month. Hopefully by then I'll have lots of new knitting to share.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The end is in sight!

I'm running out of boxes. I'm also running out of things to put in boxes, though, so that works. Except for the beds and TV and some ugly pieces of furniture that are going to wind up at the dump or GoodWill, this place is getting pretty empty. For now, I'm pretending I won't have to deal with boxes again as soon as I set foot in the new house.

The brown baby socks are done and came out really cute and got lost or packed or otherwise put away before I took a picture of them. As long as I find them before next August, when #4 will probably be about the right size to wear them, that's okay.

I've played hooky for two days in a row now, first to take the kids to OMSI yesterday to see the science of magic exhibit before it closes on Monday, then to take them to a birthday party today. After getting away from the houses for a couple of days, I'm suddenly looking forward to our trip to Arizona. Wonder if the shop in Sedona carries Silky Wool...and if I should call and find out before we leave town so I know in advance if it's worth stopping in....


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