Sunday, September 04, 2005

The end is in sight!

I'm running out of boxes. I'm also running out of things to put in boxes, though, so that works. Except for the beds and TV and some ugly pieces of furniture that are going to wind up at the dump or GoodWill, this place is getting pretty empty. For now, I'm pretending I won't have to deal with boxes again as soon as I set foot in the new house.

The brown baby socks are done and came out really cute and got lost or packed or otherwise put away before I took a picture of them. As long as I find them before next August, when #4 will probably be about the right size to wear them, that's okay.

I've played hooky for two days in a row now, first to take the kids to OMSI yesterday to see the science of magic exhibit before it closes on Monday, then to take them to a birthday party today. After getting away from the houses for a couple of days, I'm suddenly looking forward to our trip to Arizona. Wonder if the shop in Sedona carries Silky Wool...and if I should call and find out before we leave town so I know in advance if it's worth stopping in....

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