About Me

I'm a quilter on a budget. I make scrap quilts with whatever pretty fabric I can get my hands on.

Until Grandma retired and sold her antique mall, I was the lucky recipient of every thrift store scrap bag she could find. There were a lot of them, which means I've got a huge and very diverse stash of fabric to play with. Our favorite thrift stores closed last year, and the flow of scrap bags slowed to a trickle, but it's not like I'm in danger of actually running out of fabric. Or yarn. Or embroidery floss.

After I made twenty quilts for my own family in a single year and realized that if I kept going at that pace, I'd have way more quilts than I knew what to do with, I started making baby quilts for a local pregnancy center. I'm still making them. And now I'm making lap quilts for the nursing home my great-grandma was in, because not all plans work for baby quilts.

I got married at nineteen and, 21 years later, I'm still happily married to the love of my life and living with him and our four childreen in a ninety year old farmhouse. When our oldest was born, we knew we didn't want her in daycare and, without stopping to figure out whether or not we could afford to live on one income, we plunged and and did it. Three kids later, I'm still at home and homeschooling our kids, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Disclosure Statement

Michelle's Romantic Tangle is written by me, Michelle Marr. Opinions are my own and are based on my own experiences. I write about books and products that I've purchased myself, or have been given for review. If the product has been supplied by a company, I'll state that in the blog post.
On occasion, I receive supplies from companies in exchange for writing patterns. Moda provides the fabric for my Bake Shop quilts. AccuQuilt provided me with some of the dies I used in my tutorial, but I purchased my cutter and many of the dies I use.

Some links, including those to Amazon, are affiliate links.

Michelle's Romantic Tangle is a PR Friendly blog. I am open to reviewing books and/or products related to quilting, knitting, stitchery, homeschooling, or anything else that appeals to me and my family. For more information, contact me at michelle_m29 at yahooo dot com.

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