Wednesday, March 17, 2004

My fingers are all tangled up this morning! :-( Nothing I try is coming out right. Not the technique for starting socks from the toe up -- the stitches and needles are so tiny they boggle my brain and my fingers. Not the supposedly easy baby sock that starts from the top down -- I don't even know what the problem is there, since on my last attempt, I managed to get all the way down to the heel before the needles slid out and I gave up. Today, I can't even get the ribbing to work right for the first three rounds.

I know that there are lots of things I can fill my knitting future with even if I never ever figure out the mystery of socks, but it doesn't make me feel much better. I want to knit socks, darnit!

And if I can't knit socks, I want to knit the euroflax shawl that dh found in a LYS up in Portland on Monday. I've been curious about the linen ever since I saw the dishcloth patterns in Knitter's Stash, but never saw any in person. Now that I've seen some, I really really want it -- and since dh found and liked the shawl, he's willing to buy it! But they only had one lonely skein left in the LYS and the stores here in town don't carry it.

I will get past this. I got past the point where I was sure I'd never do anything but garter stitch. I got past the awful purple sweaters that didn't fit my son and made a pretty red tank top that actually fits on my body. I figured out how to do the cables on my scarf and Alex's hat.

Today just isn't the day for socks.


Friday, March 05, 2004

I've got this sudden, out-of-the-blue, urge to knit baby things. Booties, hats, sweaters, whatever. Someone else apparently has that same urge, because I couldn't find a single baby knitting book at the library. Then I Googled for patterns until my brain was numb, and never found anything close to what I had in mind, before I realized that there was probably something in the box of old Workbasket magazines I got at a garage sale last summer. So after going through them and tearing out everything I might possibly want to knit, I'm swimming in patterns. Lots of different baby sweaters -- including one that's exactly what I wanted! Socks & mittens & hats. Shells, and sweaters, and car coats! A cabled shrug that I must knit to wear on my body right this second... Now I've got to figure out which of these projects I can knit with the yarn I've already got. Definitely some baby stuff...and a pair of mittens...and the cute little pillbox hat...

As for my yarn diet, I've finished the little red tank, which fits like a dream and looks really cute except for the side seams. And the shoulder shawl. And the cabled hat. (I made cables that twist mostly the way they're supposed to and sort of almost understood what I was doing -- yippee!) And the cutest little pair of booties made with Red Heart Teri. Five projects -- but I also went to Walmart and brought home a bunch of new yarn, so now I've decided to do five more projects to make up for it. Then I get to shop!


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