Thursday, March 21, 2013

Colleena {a baby quilt tutorial}

This quilt is made up of alternating snowball and nine patch blocks and is a great way to use up a handful of leftover 2 1/2" squares, or a brightly colored charm pack.

For a 30" square quilt, you'll need:
12 - 6 1/2" white squares
65 - 2 1/2" white squares
100 - 2 1/2" print squares

Make twelve snowball blocks and thirteen nine patch blocks as shown.

To make the snowball blocks, place a 2 1/2" print square on each corner of a 6 1/2" background square. Sew diagonally as shown, then press open.  To reduce bulk, you can trim off the extra fabric a quarter inch outside the seam line.  

Lay out alternating blocks in five rows of five as shown, with nine patch blocks in the outside corners.

Quilt and bind. As always, if you make this quilt I'd love for you to send me a picture or link up to my weekly Let's Make Baby Quilts! linky party. There's a list of my free baby quilt tutorials over in the sidebar and you  can find out when new ones are added by either following my blog or liking the Let's Make Baby Quilts Facebook page.


Jo said...

It's so cute Michelle....You still amaze me with how many quilts you are getting done!!

Carol Swift said...

That is so the colors!

Shauna said...

Thanks for the tutorial Michelle - it's another cute one!


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