Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hobo Quilt update

I get giddy over sampler quilts. Not the kind with a dozen twelve inch blocks -- the kind that represent an insane long term committment. If there's a sampler quilt book, I've either got it or I want it.  Not that I've started any of them yet.

Except for the Hobo Quilt.

This may be the messiest, fiddliest project I've got going. It's a mix of applique and piecing and all of the little pieces are odd sizes and different colors so  I wind up cutting each one individually. I'm working from my stash of thrift store shirts and obsessing over every last fabric choice.

And, as crazy as it makes me, I do love it. I want to make the big version of the quilt, which calls for sixty blocks. I didn't realize until I pulled it out today that I've got almost half of them done. Maybe it's time to make some more.

Judy is planning a UFO Parade on April 15, and I'm pulling my UFOs together for my entry.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I love samplers as well. Your look great. I'm not good at making the same block over and over.

Crispy said...

Hmmmm an interesting pattern. Good thing I'm on a quilting diet right now LOL.

Love your blocks though :0)



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