Wednesday, March 20, 2013

time to finish something?

I got brave after finishing Treads and cast on the Rose Ribbons Shawl. Then I needed something a little less intense to work on, so I cast on the green socks.... then I cast on the gargoyle because I wanted something appropriate for the Nancy Drew blog hop (which had nothing to do with knitting at all, but was a perfect excuse to knit a gargoyle.)

I've been telling myself that I need to buckle down and finish one of these projects, even if it's just to make the yarn portion of my weekly stash reports look a bit better. That shawl is kind of calling to me again. And the gargoyle only needs arms. The socks are such a new project they don't count.

Then Judy came along with her pooling sock yarn challenge and the only reason I'm not out in the sewing room right now is that the sun hasn't come up yet and it's still pitch black out there. I know I've got a ton of sock yarn that will pool and this is the first decent motivation I've had to use some of it up.  Now the question is whether or not I can get yarn to pool when I want it to...

While I wait for the sun to come up, I guess I can keep reading Cold Fear. I've only read the first few chapters, but so far it's got me hooked.

From the book's Amazon description:

In the remote, rugged corner of Montana’s Glacier National Park known as the Devil’s Grasp, little Paige Baker of San Francisco disappears with her dog, Kobee, while on a camping trip with her family; or so her mother and father have told authorities.

A multi-agency task force launches a massive search as Paige fights to survive in the wilderness. Time hammers against her and soon the nation is gripped by the life-and-death drama.

Secretly, behind the scenes, the FBI grows suspicious of Paige’s parents. Their recent history and disturbing evidence links them to a horrible secret from the past.

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