Friday, March 29, 2013

pooling sock yarn update

The pooling sock yarn challenge may be a problem for me -- there are about half a dozen other quilty things I intended to be working on today, but sitting in my comfy recliner and knitting endless round of stockinette while watching Perry Mason reruns and waiting to see how the colors will fall is awfully tempting.

Attempt #1 has been a bit of a failure. Or not. Depends on how you look at it. I was SO sure this yarn would pool and flash and do all of the same antics as the other pair I knit from that line. But it behaved just the way I hoped it would when I originally bought the yarn six or seven years ago.

That'd be a good thing if I wasn't trying to knit socks for Judy's challenge.

Then, just after I decided to finish this sock and cast on another pair with one of my other yarn choices, I started to get the results I'd expected --  

This is the first pair I knit with that brand of yarn. (It's also the reason I switched to lace socks knit with solid yarn.) The pooling in the picture above is pretty. This one makes my eyes hurt. The yarn is Knitpicks Dancing, no color names on the ball bands, and I'm using size 0 Clover bamboo needles.
 This morning I cast on with one of the other yarns I pulled from my stash. It's Knitpicks Sock Garden in  Zinnia and yes, it really is that bright. I'm knitting on size 2 (I think) Harmony needles.  The last pair I knit with a different colorway of this yarn, it pooled a bit.  

I figure I've got time to knit a pair or two, and I've definitely got yarn in my stash that I think will do something interesting. Either I'll have a pair of socks to enter in the  challenge, or I'll have the pair I was hoping for when I bought the yarn seven years ago.  


NurseBrandy said...

The pooling is looking great so far!!!!

Gail said...

Oh this is really fun! I love the unexpected patterns and can't wait for the next update after a few more Perry Mason reruns!


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