Thursday, March 21, 2013

hoping for pools and flashes, the wilder the better!

I've gotten totally sucked in by Judy's Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge. Yesterday I was up before dawn, waiting for the sky to lighten up enough for me to head out to the sewing room and grab this --
As much of a chaotic mess as that room is right now, I knew exactly where to find my stash of Knitpicks fingering-weight yarns. A few skeins have escaped the main stash, but most of it is in here, including the stuff that I know will pool and flash and the stuff that I'm pretty sure will do it.

Those skeins in the center? They're the ones I'm most optimistic about, because they're  from the same line that gave me these results a few years back --
At the time I wasn't happy with it, because I wanted the gorgeous mottled sort of striping that the yarn did in the catalog pictures. I love the texture and colors of the others yarns from this line and I already own it....and if I've actually bought something that's in my stash, I'm bound and determined to use it for something sooner or later. Now the question is whether or not this stuff will pool when I actually want it to!
I figure it's a win/win situation. Either it'll pool and I can use it for Judy's challenge, or it won't and I might like the results better. No matter how the colors decide to fall, I wind up with a pair of socks. And when I was taking the pictures, Teenage Daughter walked through and asked if I'd use them to make socks for her. Her feet are two sizes smaller than mine, so that means a little less knitting to finish the pair.
Did I mention that I'm excited about this?

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