Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is it going to do something exciting?

The last time I made socks with yarn from this line, it flashed and pooled and striped and did everything but blink. So I've got high hopes, but it's too soon for me to tell if this yarn is going to pool or flash or anything else worthy of Judy's challenge. It gets one chance.  If it settles into a nice mottled pattern like picture in the yarn catalog that motivated me to buy the yarn in the first place, I'll happily knit it up that way. I'm not going to play with needle sizes and stitch counts.

I've got to admit that I was confused when I first read Judy's posts. I always thought pooling was a bad thing... and then this morning when I was flipping through a book of sock yarn projects from the library I found this section on avoiding pooling.  I've never been able to get quite motivated enough to trying alternating two skeins. That's why this yarn is still sitting in my stash after seven years.

Oh, and I remembered to take a picture of my yarn on the calendar before casting on... makes it feel like a ransom demand or something!



Dar said...

Your yarn is pretty and I like it a lot -- pooling or no pooling. You cracked me up with your last remark about being being held ramsom and your calendar! lol

Shauna said...

Love the colour of your yarn - it's very pretty.


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