Thursday, March 07, 2013

I've always been a bookworm

I think this is my favorite picture from my childhood -- it's either this one or the one of me as a baby floating in my inflatable tug boat with the squeaky smoke stack. Don't you just love that carpet? I think it rivals that flooring I found under the carpet in the boys's room last summer!

This bookcase has been in our family for years. Mom kept her Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books in it when she was a kid. Later, it got used for encyclopedias. I'm not sure which room of our house this was taken in -- maybe the living room?  When we moved to another house, the bookcase was in my bedroom closet and once again held those same Nancy Drew books. And now it's in my sewing room...
There are a lot more books in the collection than when it was Mom's, quite a few added since Moda came out with the Nancy Drew fabric. Somewhere in our house is a whole box of Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew books that I packed away so they'd be safe from my kids. When I finally remember where I put them, they're going on the shelves, too. I posted about my vintage Nancy Drew collection last year, when I made the big quilt.
The Nancy Drew Sleuth blog has lots of information about the different editions -- covers, dust jackets, endpapers....everything you could ever want to know! And she's having a great giveaway right now.

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Chiska said...

Me too! I have a picture of me reading to our dog--guess no one else wanted to listen, or she's the only one that couldn't get away.

Needled Mom said...

Great picture!! That carpet looks straight ot of the 70s.

Kathy said...

Me too, too! Nancy Drew made 5th grade bearable. I used to get two out of the school library every Friday, finish one on Friday night and the second on Saturday. Love all the Nancy Drew projects!

Malinda Tamlyn said...

I too have a favorite bookcase handed down to me from my mother. It is filled with the vintage books she loved. Thanks for sharing your story and bringing back sweet memories of my mother.
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