Monday, March 18, 2013

I can do that before Friday!

I've got a good start on this week's baby quilt --  

There are more blocks finished, but who wants to look at a quilt top full of gaping holes where the alternate blocks should be?  Nine more blocks to piece, the top to assemble, backing and binding to find....I should be able to do that before Friday.

This new schedule of trying to have a quilt done every week for the blog hop is making me a little bit nuts. It means looking at my week and trying to predict when I'll have some time to quilt, then making sure I actually get the quilting done in that chunk of time. It doesn't help that there have been fewer chunks of time and I'm making bigger baby quilts lately. Or that I've given myself permission to "not quilt" on days when I really, truly would rather be doing something else.

To see more design walls, head over to Patchwork Times.


Nann said...

Bento Baby? I like the scrappy design.

Jan said...

You get so much done! No sleep?!

Gayle Bong said...

Great variation on the Bento Box.

Jo said...

I love the cute. I am anxious to see this one done.


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