Monday, July 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Santa Fe String Star

The diamonds aren't cut to their exact size yet, just trimmed enough to give me an idea what they might look like when they're done. Honestly, I'm not sure if I have the nerve for this quilt or not. I haven't worked with diamonds before, and haven't done set in seams, or a big star like this one.... and I've got 200 diamonds to piece...I really feel more comfortable with quilts where you can try out a test block or two before jumping in.

As I sort through strings I'm pulling out anything that looks pink enough for the cotton candy quilt, and anything that's wider than 1 1/2" for the Lego quilt...and using the little strips for diamonds. And since I was finding so many long strings, I decided to start some 7 1/2" blocks for Daylilies... conveniently forgetting that that quilt has set in seams and hand applique... looks like I'll be developing some new skills!

My 1 1/2" strips die that actually cuts 1 1/2" strips came this week (long story which I'll tell you later this week) and it's making cutting the pieces for the Lego quilt so much easier. I just iron anything that's wide enough and stack them so the edges extend past the blades and run it through the cutter when I've got enough layers. I'm loving this!

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Cheryl said...

Michelle...I have a pretty easy string star from a Fons and Porter...Love of Quilting. No set in seams. If you're interested I'll find a picture and the pattern info....

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful diamond blocks! I'm with you....I always want to make a test block.


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