Tuesday, July 17, 2012

making things for the boys

Sometimes it feels like all of the cutest projects on Pinterest are for little girls. There are mermaid tails and fantastic kitchens and so many things I would've made for Alex when she was little if I'd had the time or inspiration... but she's a bit old for that stuff now and I've got a pack of wild boys.

So when I saw the jet pack made from diet coke bottles, I might have gotten a little giddy.

I made it last month, before the roofers came, and it was a hit. I had requests for two more, but by the time I bought more spray paint in the colors they wanted, the original had vanished and the boys had moved on to other projects. Makes me feel less guilty that I forgot to buy orange tissue paper for the flames...

Now I'm thinking the boys need Lego Shirts. Aren't those the cutest thing? And since every lego guy in our house is somehow dismembered, they seem highly appropriate.

Just don't let them see Karen's Super Mario Quilt, which is absolutely amazing!

I'm starting to think that the awesome boy projects are out there -- I'm just not looking in the right places. Got any suggestions for me?


Mary said...

I raised three boys and I made a lot of clothes that were wearable costumes, I suppose. We had the coveralls that the Ghost Busters wore. There was the "John Wayne" phase. Very simple because I made elastic waist brown pants, wool vests and kerchiefs. They were convinced!

Have you made marshmallow shooters? Super easy.

Camilla said...

My boys like loud pajama pants, personalized pillow cases, capes, and drawstring bags (a scrap of mesh for a window makes all the difference here).

I've been meaning to try making kites, but that may be more for me than them.


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