Sunday, July 22, 2012

How could you make your sewing room better?

Is there something small you could do that would make your sewing space more fun to work in? Not new shelves or furniture or paint, but something really simple that you just haven't bothered to do yet...

Like making a duplicate key.

When we moved into this house six years ago, there was one set of keys to the garage where hubby's shop and my sewing room (and the chest freezer) are. I've been accidentally locked out of my sewing room, and been unable to get out to the chest freezer for the ground beef I needed for dinner, more than once. And I might've accidentally taken the keys to town in my own pocket a time or two. It was just dumb luck that hubby didn't want to get at any of his own toys.

A couple of weeks ago, we made copies of the garage keys. They live on my keyring with the keys to the house and van. So I don't get locked out of my sewing room anymore. And I keep much better track of my car keys. :-)

Why did I wait so long for a second set of keys?

Today I stumbled across a second opportunity for sewing space improvement and downloaded the Netflix app onto my Kindle. This is so perfect! I can prop it in the corner by my sewing machine and have something to watch while I'm slogging through some boring piecing. The kids can have the main tv for their own shows or video games, and teenage girl can have my laptop and we're all happy.

Now I'm wondering what other steps to more blissful sewing I've been missing.... Cleaning up my sewing corner was not one of them.


Heather said...

I bought a set of external speakers for my ipad so I can hear Netflix over the sound of my sewing machine.

Margaret said...

I have an Ipad and I watch movies on it all the time when I sew. I bought an Ihome Ipod/Ipad dock for it and it has built in speakers so I have awesome sound now too. Love it.

Connie said...

Glad you have another key, it is funny how sometimes we wait so long to do something like that. I wish I could get Netflix on my computer high speed internet here :(
Hope you enjoy it!


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