Thursday, August 09, 2012

pets on quilts - the voting starts today

Of course, when I went out to pick up my quilt from in front of the hive yesterday, there was a bee sitting on it....and the camera was in the house...then my oldest son said there were bees on the quilt, but the younger ones chased them off. How do those kids keep from getting stung?

It was too late anyway. Voting for the 2012 Pets on Quilts contest started this morning. There are some fun entries in the "other" category -- including our bees. Just submitting a vote enters you to win some great prizes, so go over and take a look.

I've decided to stay away from the bugs for a while. Grandma told me yesterday that she thought some honeybees had taken up residence in her favorite birdhouse. I was in town, so I went over to take a look and I'm pretty sure they're yellow jackets, but Hubby will go over on his day off to make sure.

Did you know that yellow jackets give warning thumps just like bees do? And they aim for the eyes. I'm so glad he decided to just hit me instead of sting.

Even better, I was finally able to get that Ergotamine prescription filled at a local compounding pharmacy. I was never so happy to spend to much money on a bottle of pills.

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