Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is it bee week?

It must be -- so far this week, I've soaked a quilt in sugar water in an attempt to get bees to land on it for the Pets on Quilts show, gone over to Grandma's house to annoy the yellow jackets who took up residence in her favorite birdhouse, and watched three different documentaries on Africanized honey bees.

Today, Hubby went out to inspect the hives. I don't know if that was something he already had planned, or if all of my whining about the uncooperative bees inspired him. but he got into his bee suit and fired up the smoker.

I was keeping my distance, figuring that I'd pushed my luck enough this week. Then he handed me a frame full of honey and told me to get it into the house, fast.

Did I mention that I was in a sun dress and sandals, not my new bee suit? Happily, I made it into the house without incident. I don't think the bees even noticed me hurrying off with a chunk of their pantry. And now we've got about five pounds of comb in our pantry!


Michelle C said...

Sweeeeeet! I don't think they mind sharing at all. I'm a bit jealous of your harvest.

Ali Honey said...

Well done. You are hubby and the bees of course.

Vic in NH said...

Run, Michelle, RUN!!! So glad you made it unstung. I decided to sell my empty hive boxes because I don't want to hafta go to bee school and be stung all the time. I'll buy my honey, but your comb looks beautiful!

Needled Mom said...

How exciting!!! What a week you had with insects.


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