Monday, August 06, 2012

Design Wall Monday - lots of strings

It's one of those weeks when I want to be working on everything. I've got the Santa Fe star wedges, and the Daylilies, and the Lego strips...and a new knitting project on my double point needles, and the little red and white pinwheels to finish quilting...

If it wasn't for the heat, I think I'd spend the whole day making string blocks.
Instead, I'm piecing together strips of little bricks for my Lego quilt. I can make a stack and then iron then when it cools off. These aren't assembled into blocks yet. I want to wait until I have more strips done before I have them put together.

So far they look promising!

My to do list for this week --

- finish quilting and binding the red and white scrappy pinwheels
- pick fabrics and cut diamonds for the rest of the daylilies blocks

To see more design walls, head over to Patchwork Times.


Needled Mom said...

So much fun over there! I love the stars.

Allie said...

I don't blame you for waiting til it cools off to use the iron - I'm doing that too! Your string blocks look great!

Vic in NH said...

Lots of good eye movement in those lego blocks, good job!

Jo said...

WOW Michelle...So much for not having many UFO's..Now you have gobs!!

Alycia said...

All of those look great - sending cool wishes your way!

Denise :) said...

You do have a lot going on, don't you?! Like the strings...they're such fun! :)


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