Tuesday, August 07, 2012

experimenting with new batting

I'm posting late this morning because it made more sense to use the iron while it was still cool enough to have the windows open.

My own Extra scrappy pinwheels quilt is finally done. Seems that that secret to stopping the Janome's latest hissy fit was to do some straight stitching and then try again later. Since re threading and needle changing and cleaning the machine didn't work... I really don't want to take her in for a check up right now, not unless I absolutely have to.

I'm using a new-to-me brand of batting, Hobbs Heirloom Premium, which an acquaintance gave me after cleaning out her closets and deciding that she was never going to make a quilt herself.

It has a slightly tacky feel to it that I don't care for. I suppose it doesn't matter once it's quilted into the quilt, but I think I'll stick with my Warm and Natural and my polyester.

I do plan on experimenting with the polyester batting I found at the local Mennonite store. It's sold on a bolt, so I don't know the brand name, but it feels a lot like the Mountain Mist Quilt-Light that I like so much. It's 90" wide and it's cheap -- $2.59 a yard. That makes it cheaper than Joann's sale prices.

For this quilt, I wanted to use cotton batting, but I'm excited to try it on the next batch of baby quilts. Or one of the string quilts -- whichever I get to first.

There's a free pattern here on my blog for the Extra Scrappy Pinwheels quilt. This post is linked to Try it out Tuesday over at Jo's Country Junction. Check out the book she's giving away this week -- it looks like a lot of fun!


beaquilter said...

I love warm and natural too :-) don't know if I've quilted hobbs, but several of my customer's batting have had that stikyness to it or scrim or it just sticks to the top, so it's harder to maneuver. you quilting looks great htough

Vic in NH said...

Your quilting is so beautifully dense and even and I truly admire those borders. Nice quilt!

Jeane said...

Batting is changing constantly and getting so thin no matter what brand. Do they think we don't notice LOL! I love pinwheels and you quilt is awesome.

Needled Mom said...

It just looks beautiful - new batting and all.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt! I used to use polyester batting in all of my runners and quilts years ago and had no problem quilting them or washing/drying. Now I use Warm & Natural which I buy by the bolt when it is on sale and really like it.
Thanks for sharing.
Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

Jo said...

Love your pinwheels. That has always been a pattern I really admire.


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