Saturday, August 18, 2012

Halloween cross-stitching plans

I love Halloween -- especially the decorations, the knitting patterns, the quilt patterns, and the cross-stitch patterns. This project has been neatly folded in the bottom of my sewing basket for almost a decade now. I really should get it finished and on my wall. (The Pattern is Witches Dance by Lavender Wings.)

When I stopped by Acorns and Threads last month, the new ones were seriously hard to resist. But I've got Hocuspocusville to work on and, at fourteen bucks a chart, I couldn't justify adding them to my collection when I've done so little cross-stitching lately.

A couple of weeks later, I was at Joanns and saw the Just Cross Stitch 2012 Halloween Special Collector's Issue. It was love at first sight, never mind that it was a ten dollar magazine and I wound up paying almost full price.

There are so many projects in here that I want to make, some with the same feel as the ones I was tempted by at the LNS.

There was also a 2010 issue and a 2011 did I miss those!? Out of habit, I always keep my eyes open for the Christmas Ornament issue, even though I haven't bought the past few. Happily, the other two Halloween issues are still available and I just ordered them from 1-2-3 Stitch. I can't remember if I'd ordered from them back in the heat of my cross-stitching obsession, or if I've just heard good things about them.

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Deb A said...

You are making me want to pull out the cross stitch book of quilting months that has been sitting for years! I think I started it before I met my DH - so more than 7 years ago. I've done 2 of the months so far. Did you know there is a counted cross stitch calendar - each month includes a project with pattern? I think you'd like it.


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