Friday, August 10, 2012

somewhere, I have a darning needle...

And when I remember where I put them all, I can weave in ends and finish the cutest baby hats I've made in a long time. I bought the book a couple of weeks ago, just so I could knit some little preemie size witch hats. Then I stood there in the checkout line, wondering if it was really okay to knit witch hats for the NICU.

I did stick a baby hat with devil horns on my own baby, but I'm not sure if there are actual rules about this sort of thing.

Turns out I should've looked at more than just the pictures and read the introduction, since these hats were designed for just that. And the sizes go up to twelve months, so you can knit them for your own babies, too. The author has a blog, Knitting for the NICU. Take a look at this post, with all kind of adorable hats for Halloween. And look at that turkey on the book cover -- I know I've got some scraps of acrylic in those colors that I couldn't figure out what to do with until now!

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Ruth said...

I love the silliness of those hats! Since I'm into baby knitting mode, I'll have to buy the book. Thanks for posting it.

Needled Mom said...

HOW CUTE!!!! I love the bunny ears too.

Glenna said...

Thank you, Michelle, for you kind words. YES! You can knit anything for the NICU that you would knit for your own baby! Our most popular hats at Halloween are witches, ghosts, and anything pop culture like: Yoda, Princess Leia, Mr. Spock, and Hellboy. (The Daddies LOVE Hellboy!)

Thanks again for the supportive post, the great review, and mostly for knitting for NICU. Our little Littles deserve to be just as fashionably outfitted as their term friends in the Newborn Nursery.

Best wishes!

Laurie said...

Wonderful to knit things for others. Good work. I think I'll try a couple of the free patterns posted next year after all my grandkids get hats this year.


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