Wednesday, November 07, 2012

my mysterious paper fan

Yes, everything is mysterious to me these days -- probably because I'm still reading so many of those girls' mystery series from the 30s and 40s. But I really would like to know where this paper advertising fan came from. I've searched Google and ebay and Etsy and I can't find anything quite like it.

Don't these hairstyles look like they date from the 20s or 30s?  

I'm not even sure how I got it.  I've had it since I was little (maybe 1980ish) and I've always assumed that Grandma gave it to me, since I remember playing with it in the attic/rec room at her house.  I've always known it was old, but looking at those hairstyles I'm suddenly starting to realize how old it might be. 

I took it to lunch with us this afternoon and asked Grandma about it. She doesn't remember seeing it before. So was it something of Great-Grandma's that no one cared about? It might have been around the time of her estate sale that I first wound up with it...or did it come in a bag of stuff from a thrift store shopping trip? 

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Anonymous said...

Wow that does look very vintage - I love the hairstyles! Lucky you to have inherited (some way or other!).

Anonymous said...

such a pretty fan love the pics.xx

Denise :) said...

If ever you figure it out, I'd love to know! I love the 'power of beauty' spot on Jeannette Du Barry. made me laugh! :)

Annie said...

Have you looked up the company mentioned? Maybe that would be some help.

Unknown said...

Wonderful idea, excellent old and vintage hair styles, simply love these ladies, seem to be of the time of grand granny.
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Anonymous said...

This company is still around, you might want to send these pictures to them and see what they can tell you.
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Copyright © 2004 Dubarry USA

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