Tuesday, September 03, 2013

making lists and crossing things off

Last Thursday, Jo suggested that we post our sewing goals for Labor Day weekend. I hadn't even thought about what I might want to get done, but I threw together a quick list of things I've been putting off.  Except for digging out a big piece of gingham (which might or not actually exist) to back one of the new baby quilts with, I had the entire list finished by Sunday. 

Now I've got a new baby quilt tutorial in the works.  Several, actually, but this one is pieced and quilted and almost ready to show off.

 It was a good weekend!


Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Where there is a list with goals things get done!! Well most times unless life events occur and etc. Congrats on getting a good start!

Jo said...

WOW..I love this and think the colors are wonderful.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks great and I hope you had fun with your sewing goals! Thanks for sharing.
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