Monday, September 02, 2013

I've counted them twice...

I tend to get bogged down when I need to count pieces, or when I've counted the pieces and discovered that I need just a few more -- all of them in different prints. These are the pieces of the border for the turtle quilt and I'm one short.

One green snowball block? Easy! Except it means finding the leftover bits of that blue sheet that I used for the background, the one I have no hope on earth of ever matching with something else.

The corner pieces are so small that I could use white muslin and I'd have trouble finding it myself in the finished quilt. Or, if I was really being serious about it, I'd take a corner off of each of three of those snowball blocks and mix the mismatched bits into different sides of the quilt.

But I think I'll just wait a bit and see if any of those blue scraps turn up in the near future.

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Regina said...

ooh I hate that - and I tend to mess up the count especially when I am "making it up as I go along" (and not always writing it down). Right now I am figuring I need 31 for an "on point" diamond quilt - and I am still not sure i am right...

Anonymous said...

Love those blocks. I am the same way. I don't count. I just had this happen. I got lucky, some of the fabric turned up. Hope your fabric does, too!!!


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