Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'd forgotten...

Since I started reading the Non-Consumer Advocate a few months ago, my attitude towards thrift store shopping has changed.  I'm no longer hoping for things that I want to take home with us. I'm happy when I do find things I love, even if I don't get to bring them home. 

But I'm just as happy to find reminders of things from my childhood.  This table and chairs has got to be related to the set that we had for most of my childhood. The vinyl on our chairs was a darker brown and different pattern, and our table was more of a stretched out octagon.

The style is similar. And our chairs had those same loose little feet. The whole set wobbled, not quite as badly as my own kitchen table and the evil twin that it replaced

I hadn't thought about that old table and chairs in years. Suddenly, I wanted to go through baby books and find out how close my memory is to the reality.  I knew there were pictures of the table from birthday parties, but I wasn't sure how much of the chairs and legs would show.

Jackpot! We found pictures with the table. Although I've got to admit that right now I'm more interested in that wallpaper. My memory had muted the colors. 

And here's a better shot of the table in my parents' first apartment. Isn't that the sweetest little kitchen ever? That bookcase in the front left corner is the one that's up in my sewing room, holding my collection of vintage children's mysteries. 

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Tammy said...

Oh i love this post today. What wonderful memories of simpler times. We too had one of these style table and chair sets..Love the beautiful simple clean kitchen. Our parents sure had less things than us...But boy did they seem much happier and less stressed and in less of a rush than my generation does....Their is a lot to be said for simplicity said...

We had a table similar but it had avocado green flowers on the front and avocado green solid for the back. DH and I wander around estate sales, and flea markets. Our favorite finds that we buy? Old kitchen and canning equipment. The old potato mashers and rotary egg beaters beat the new plastic ones, and/electric any day.

Jessica Hadden said...

Tables with gathered memories are the sweetest!

Mary said...

I remember ours had bright flowers on the chairs and my mother went to work on night shift in the local nursing home until they were paid for. My Mammaw got a similar set a year or two later when my uncle got out of the Marines. Her chairs were gold.

They sure weren't very stable tables but we had a lot of fun around them!
Thanks for the memories.

Jo said...

I love this...isn't it fun to see what you find thrifting? I think our mothers' eyes must have been muted over much of that wallpaper..UGH! My mom have yellow and green LARGE flowered print in the kitchen. YUCK!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Oh, yes! I shop for the memories! Occasionally a memory needs to come home with me. =) Most times, just seeing items that bring back the memories and taking a picture of it is enough. =)

Great post!!


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