Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge -- my final report

I've had so much fun with Judy's Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge! I enjoy knitting socks and have tons of sock yarn in my stash, but it'd been forever since I cast on a pair. And there were some yarns I'd avoided using because, based on my previous experience with those yarn lines, I was afraid that they'd pool.

I'm not a fan of pooling yarn, but Judy issued the challenge and I had yarn that I was sure would pool, so it seemed like a great excuse to cast one some socks and see what  I could come up with.

The first pair, after a false start with the first foot, did exactly what I thought it would do.  The colors pooled and spiraled and did all of the interesting things Dancing did the first time I knitted socks with it. Here are the details for this pair, including my picture of the yarn on the March 2013 calendar page.



But I've got three brand new pairs of socks, and a fourth pair half done.  I've sorted through all of my sock yarn stash and pulled out my sock knitting books and made lots of plans for upcoming pairs. Like I said, this was FUN!

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Dora, the Quilter said...

I remember saying several years ago that what I enjoyed about some yarns is that they *do* pool. I'm sorry I did't get to join this challenge, but I love the pooling in your socks!


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