Saturday, May 25, 2013

my fabric choices from 20some years ago

I got a surprise a few weeks back when I walked into  Grandma's pantry and saw her new apron hanging from one of the hooks. I'd managed to completely block this fabric from my memory. It's yellow. Really, really, yellow. And it's bright.

I bought the fabric when I was a teenager and sewed a matching top and pair of shorts -- and yes, to answer Teenage Daughter's question, I did do it on purpose. In my defense, it was the mid-80s and I'm not sure I wore it more than once or twice.  
Now I'm wondering how many yards I bought, if I made a top and shorts and there was still enough of it left for it to resurface and for Grandma to make her apron. It's got sailboats. And squiggles that I think are supposed to look like words.  


I'm sure it was cheap. That must be the explanation, right?

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cyndiofthevortex said...

That's a keeper for sure!


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