Thursday, May 23, 2013

those itty bitty scraps that might or might not be worth saving...

Quilters are always talking about whether or not it's worth saving scraps and what size scraps are too small to save. After cutting the pieces for my latest Bake Shop quilt, I was left with the middles of the Jelly Roll strips. (Not ends, because I fold them in half before cutting them.)
The bits measure anywhere from 1 - 2" wide, are all exactly 2 1/2" high, and have straight edges already. And they're all from the same fabric collection. It would be a shame not to do something with them, right?

I sewed them along the 2 1/2" edge, then sewed three rows together to make the front of my mug rug. Then I used the extra row I'd made for the back, framed with pieces I cut from an unused Jelly Roll strip.

The rest of the Jelly Roll strip went for the binding. I thin that might be my least favorite part of the piece. I don't like the way it looks where it folds around the back. I think I need to look at some different methods for finishing mug rugs.

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Mary Marcotte said...

Well, I don't see the problem. I do love the yellow, though, it's such a day brightener! I've found that if I use up scraps right away, they have a much better chance at survival. Once they go in the scrap basket...... let's just say the chances of getting used are pretty dismal!

Kathleen said...

On a small piece, I like to sew it and then turn inside out, top stitch near edge and its done... Or put on a trim for decoration...easy peasy. I love the colors!

Becky Butler said...

I agree with Kate, and love the fabric, so colourful!

Anonymous said...

I love the fabric and colors :-)

Sarah Craig said...

Such a sunny, pretty mug rug! Whoop whoop!!

ipatchandquilt said...

Great little fun project!
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