Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Last Bits of Confetti

It was feeling like the end of this project was close...then I started in on these last little unfilled area of stitching and realized how crazy it's going to make me. 

I love landscapes and buildings with a ton of different floss colors. They're absolutely worth the time and effort. But finding these blank squares on the chart to figure out what color they should be is hard. I've got to find something I can identify and then count across and down and hope for the best. Because sometimes what the chart says should be in that spot is already stitched right next to the empty spot. And sometimes I can't manage to find the spot I need.

Did I mention that I stitched the bush next to the door before I started this blog?  On future projects, I'm not going to leave little blank spaces. Or I'm at least going to mark them on the chart with my highlighter.

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