Tuesday, September 18, 2018

{I've Been Reading} Royally Dead

Royally Dead Greta McKennan

Historical seamstress Daria Dembrowski is enjoying her booth at the local Highland Games. She's never sewed a kilt, but she's busy selling stuffed versions of the Loch Ness Monster and bow ties in traditional tartan and hoping to attract some new customers who want custom clothing. Then one of the competitors winds up dead...because this is a cozy mystery and there's got to be a murder to solve.

And that's where this one was different from most of the cozies I've been reading lately. We get a chance to meet the victim while he's still alive and to see exactly who might want him dead and why. There are a few strong suspects and they've all got motives that make a lot of sense. Even the one who I was sure definitely didn't do it had me a bit nervous by the end of the book. All of the subplots tie together.

I've read all three books in  the series and look forward to spending more hours reading about Daria and her friends.

Disclosure -- The publishers provided me with ARCs.

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