Sunday, September 30, 2018

Staying Home

It's a good thing I like staying home. On our way home from the pumpkin patch a week ago, something in the road destroyed one of the tires. We were slowing to stop at a red light, which I guess is one of the best ways to have a tire blow out, and we had both a spare and a jack, and the tire is under warranty and has enough tread that we don't have to replace multiple tires.

Of course those tires are out of production and they have to order a replacement from Tennessee. I think he said that would take six or seven business days, but I'm not really holding my breath and watching the calendar. There's no place I urgently have to be right now -- and if there was, I could work it out by driving my husband to work and taking the pickup for the day.

I've got floss and fabric and yarn and needles and stacks of books. Right now, I'm working to finish a quilt for the church group. The boys have their own projects -- and two of them have nasty colds, so keeping them here at the house isn't the worst idea.

We're fine until the tire comes.

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