Thursday, September 20, 2018

{Estate Sale Temptations} 3,000 Books

Is it bad that my reaction after visiting this sale was "I've got more books than that!"  At least I think I do. I definitely had more books than that before we moved and I got rid of several SUV loads...and I've added more in the decade since then. But I'm not counting them....and I seriously doubt this family counted theirs. 

It wasn't really the number of books, it was the quality. The listing said that it was the home of a former teacher, but the children's books were pretty junky and definitely overpriced. Compared to that house that had an entire room full of cookbooks, this one was pretty dismal. The house itself was gorgeous, but the books were old and shabby.

There was some vintage crewel...

The texture on that jar of spices and on the cinnamon sticks was fantastic and the price was absolutely reasonable.

They didn't seem to need to come home with me, so I left them for someone else. But they were fun to look at. I did look in every corner to make sure that whoever stitched these didn't leave any supplies behind.

It's not like I needed to buy more books...


Angie in SoCal said...

Me, too - between my husband's science fiction and thriller collection, my own religious and romance collection - we're sure to have way over that number. Then there's my quilting book collection which I've whittled down to slightly over 200 -lol. Nice crewel work.

Ruth said...

At one point, my family did have about 3,000 books. But we began downsizing and took lots of books back to the library sales where we had bought them in the first place. Now I work VERY hard at NOT buying more books....unless they are ones that I love to reread over and over.
Thank you for posting so frequently and including your thrifting and family activities as well as your handiwork! Those are the things I enjoy reading about.


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