Sunday, September 02, 2018

A New Rule at My House

If I'm going to pull floss for an upcoming project and put it in a clear bag, I need to label that bag. Because I was sure that this was the floss for Home is Where the Horror Is (even though these quite obviously aren't the colors for that project) until the first one I needed wasn't there and neither was the second... 

This is the floss for the Grady Twins. The floss for Home is Where the Horror Is is the floss that I thought was for the Grady twins...and I hope that other unlabeled baggie full is for Southwest Mesa.

Goals for the week --

-- put together yarn and patterns for the next few shawls
-- find more colors of yarn that will work for the Frankensocks
-- cast on Finding the Yellow Brick Road socks
-- start stitching the Grady Twins
-- finish the blue and white quilt for Alexia's

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