Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Home is Where the Horror Is

Late one night in April, thewitchystitcher posted a snippet of a cross stitch pattern on Instagram and asked which iconic horror house it was. I saw her post just as I was getting ready to head to bed for the night and made a wild guess .... and I won the pattern!

I meant to start stitching it immediately, but other projects happened and time got away from me. This has been so much fun to stitch. I didn't grid my fabric because, even though I should've learned from my mistakes with Whoo's There?, I wanted to get started right away. The borders meet up perfectly. The house is a row too short because I goofed on the window placement...but you wouldn't know that without comparing it to the chart.

The frame is only temporary. I put the finished piece over Ironwork Gate so I can display it until Halloween. I like the way it looks, but you don't give up a thrifted frame that perfectly fits a full coverage piece. Not for one that doesn't require such specific measurements.

You can find the pattern on Meg's Etsy shop, along with a bunch of other horror inspired designs. I've already purchased Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake and plan on getting Your Future is in Your Hands

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