Thursday, September 27, 2018

{Estate Sale Temptations} Old Kitchens

This estate sale was in a little community with steep hills and lots of blind curves. I really don't like the estate sale parking challenge, especially not in that area...and my Honda Odyssey definitely isn't the right car for playing that game. I got lucky and found a safe spot to leave the car, then we walked down the long driveway to the house.

There are lots of time capsule houses in this neck of  the woods, but most of them aren't the gorgeous kind that they feature on the home decor blogs.  I find myself hoping that whoever lived there liked their house the way it was. And I'm fully aware that some of the flooring and wallpaper in my own house is just as old and just as questionable.

One of  these days, I'm going to wind up with a slide projector. I don't know why, but they tempt me.

This rag doll's embroidered eyes were protruding on stalks and her head isn't at all head shaped...

I did like these old Christmas decorations and they were dirt cheap, but they were also cracked and threatening to crumble.

We did wind up buying a box of Nintendo Video Game Preservers for a quarter, because my oldest son is into vintage game systems and everything that comes along with them. It might've been one of the newest things in the house and I'm wondering how it got there.

Here's a glimpse of a time capsule kitchen from another house we visited that same day. I love how the counter trim matches the wallpaper.

And I was entertained by how this collection stamp escalates from thanking the customer for their business to increasingly dire warnings.

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