Sunday, September 09, 2018


I  thought I'd use the leftover sock yarn from this pair, along with the solid brown that was left over from the last pair and might have originally been left over from my Owlie socks to make a third (or fourth) pair. 

There was definitely enough for anklets... except I don't love wearing anklets so now I'm pulling other leftovers to see what might coordinate into a pair of Frankensocks. 

I think I'm worried too much about making the colors coordinate. But it's a fine line between "That could work" and "That's totally and completely an inappropriate yarn choice!"


lvkwilt said...

Almost like piecing a it!

starsthatblaze said...

You say it's definitely enough yarn for anklets. How do you know? Do you weigh the yarn? Eyeball it?

Michelle said...

I know (or think I know) because the partial striped skeins are Drops Fabel left over from a pair with six inch cuffs. The last two times I knit leftover socks from Drops Fabel I'd used for socks with six inch cuffs, I had enough for short anklets. There's also some eyeballing and guessing and finger crossing involved.


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