Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tension and Decisions

Maybe I'm not the kind of knitter who can do Frankensocks? It wasn't working with the three colors I showed you last time...or I don't think it was working. I'm definitely overthinking the whole process! 

There wasn't enough of the mostly brown yarn to make more than a single decent stripe or a couple of narrow stripes in each sock. I know I've probably got other yarn scraps that will work, but I want to knit not hunt for yarns that might not exist.

Then I remembered that someone (apologies for not remembering who it was) had made gorgeous pairs by alternating rows from two skeins of self-striping sock yarns. Instead of doing what she did, I'm alternating stripes of four or five rows...which isn't giving me those gorgeous Frankensocks I coveted, but it is making a perfectly acceptable pair of socks. As long as I've got the tension right where I'm changing yarns.

Is this process supposed to be so stressful? Maybe I should just go chop up fabric into one inch squares and sew them together. That doesn't make me nearly this nervous.

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