Saturday, June 15, 2019

{Thrift Shop Temptations} Anyone Know What "Gibraltarized" Means?

We are still on the quest for two more trunks because, despite what those articles say about old stuff your kids don't want, all four of my children absolutely need big old trunks. For anyone keeping score, I currently have two which are both family pieces and my children can have over my dead body. Our daughter has one that we bought at an estate sale and she's an adult now so she can buy her own trunks. Our oldest son has a fantastic trunk we found last spring, complete with leather straps and wheels. That leaves me with two more children whose lives will not be complete until they have awesome old trunks of their own. 

The thrift and antique stores are full of trunks, but whatever they get has to be extremely affordable and in decent shape. That narrows down the choices considerably. 

Last week, they found this one....

Looking back at the pictures, I'm kind of suprised that this thing isn't in the back of my van. It was only forty bucks and had most of the original pieces. But it reeked. Now I'm wondering if it really smelled that bad or if it was the migraine I've been fighting all week.

I did tell my son (who didn't smell a thing wrong with it) that if it's still there on our next trip to town and goes to half price I'm willing to gamble that we can air it out. Which leaves a whole new problem because the son who found this trunk already has one. There's going to be swapping or rock-paper-scissors-ing or something if this trunk hasn't already found a new home.

We also found (and didn't buy) The Un-Candle by Corning. It doesn't look nearly as much fun as the Bake-a-Round clear glass bread tube.

How is this less expensive or bothersome than candles? Were candles a whole lot more complicated in the 1970s?

There's a video with the rest of our finds. We left the stores empty-handed, but definitely had fun!


Nancy said...

I had this, also had the bread tube. I really liked them both, but lost them in Katrina, and don't eat bread any more, so don't miss the tube.
We used to love all the gimmicks! LOL!

Gloria said...

Gibralterized is the name of that model of steamer trunk by Hartmann. Google using all those words and you should get a post from an antiques question forum.

The use of the z rather than s, shows that it is a US based product rather than a UK/Gibraltarian one.

VickiT said...

Gibraltarized is Trademark for the Hartman Trunk Company. The trademark expired on January 10, 1986

You can read more here

I kinda like that gold lettering across the trunk that way. That first one looks really awesome.

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

I had an Un-candle when I was first married. I think it was a gift. A cute novelty item, but useless once you ran out of the little wicks it came with.


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