Thursday, June 27, 2019

{Thrift Shop Temptations} Another Musty Trunk

Remember that trunk I showed you in my last thrifting post? A week later, I found this one at a thrift store about a mile down the road from the shop where we found the first one. It's got the Hartman trunk company logo, but not the nifty "Gibraltarized" one.

It's almost as musty and it's missing one of the big drawers. I'd think that would be a significant flaw and detract from its value. But they're asking six hundred bucks for this one and that tag is a color that won't be marked  down.

Look at the shipping tag that's been wired to the handle for a hundred and ten years. I can't be the only one who loves that, right?

While the trunk didn't tempt me, this antique baby buggy sure did, especially since it was sized for dolls.

I want one!

I've told you about Grandma's knack for finding whatever we were looking for. She might have passed down that trait to my daughter because I'd been talking to Alex earlier in the day about a weird old children's show one of the boys was telling me about.

Alex found one of the dolls. This thing lights up and plays music and squirms and it's hard to imagine a more unsettling toy. But I'm beyond impressed that she was able to come up with one. (I left it at the store instead of bringing it home to torture her brothers...but we texted them pictures.)

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