Sunday, June 02, 2019

{Estate Sale Temptations} A Sewing Machine Graveyard

Have you ever seen a barn sale like this one? There were three times as many treadle bases shown in the ad and by the time we left all but two had been loaded up. I'm guessing that whoever owned all of these machines was restoring some of them, because many of the machine heads had had their gears removed. 

I was tempted by the drawers, but they weren't any nicer than the ones I already have in my sewing room and how many do I need?  That number would have gone up dramatically if the price had been lower. If it wasn't for the awful driveway and parking situation which I can't manage in the minivan, I'd be going back this afternoon to see what was marked down.

There were two machines in gorgeous coffin cases under a table. The company running the sale hadn't managed to find the key, but assured me that the machines inside them were in working condition. That was a twenty-five dollar gamble I decided against, even with my husband encouraging me to buy one.

Now I'm wondering if they possibly could have been hand cranks.

Remember my vintage ceramic squirrels with the busted tails?  They had a set that was in even worse shape and wanted actual money for them. I didn't pick them up for a closer look, but I'm guessing they had to be plaster for the faces to have flaked away like that.

The image and quote on this old sun dial tempted me, but not quite enough to bring them home. 

I did bring home these little darlings. Just look at their eyes! The plan is to sew them new dresses with vintage lace and ribbons. Or to let them sit in my sewing room while I think about sewing little dresses that will do them justice. 

The doll on the left has a voicebox that just barely squeaks. Both have eyes that still (mostly) open and close. I've been wanting an old composition doll forever but it seems like the prices are always ridiculously high for their condition.

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Kimberly said...

I just love the fact that you found a sale with soo many old sewing machines! That is so cool!


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