Thursday, June 13, 2019

I Finally Started the New Shawl

How many times this week have I said I was going to cast on a new shawl?

This wasn't the one I had planned, but it's what I'm going to need to haul to the bowling alley and the park and the laundromat and wherever else I need mindless knitting over the next couple of weeks. I'll still cast one the lace one I had planned, but I'll work on that one when I can count instead of paying attention to my laundry and kids and whatever else is going on around me.

The yarn is Yarn Bee Fair Isle and it seems to be doing its pretty self-patterning thing. Because of course there weren't any directions for that.  How cool would it be if the yarn company could give us some clues on the ball band instead of just showing us a picture of a sweater and letting us guess?

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