Saturday, June 01, 2019

This Spring's Belated Ladle Update

Remember the ladle I snagged from Grandma's garden after she died? I've managed to keep the hens and chicks alive through several winters but I turned my back on it for too long and now they've done this.... 

I guess that means it's time to watch more Youtube videos and figure out what to do about them.

The wishing well isn't doing nearly as well. I left it within reach of the chickens and they nibbled away at the pretty greenery until there was nothing left. That's not heartbreaking because I've still got plenty of the main plant growing in the strawberry planter.

What I think I want to replant the wishing well with is this...

Alex and I have been wanting to try propagating succulents, so I picked up this little tray from the clearance table.

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Angie in SoCal said...

Michelle, your ladle needs more light, but the plants aren't going to get back to what they were. They are leggy cuz they didn't get much light previously. You might want to nip a couple of heads of those stems and trim off all the leaves below the top three or four leaves leaving you about an inch or so of stem on those cuttings. Let them dry for a week, then plant them into moist (not wet) soil, set in a mostly sunny spot, and don't water for a week or so. Succulents don't need much water or they'll rot. Best to stick a wooden kebab stick in the side of the pot and see if the soil is damp below. Good luck.


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